Selected publications


Susanne Bauer, Lars Dittrich, Lech Kaczmarczyk et al.
Translatome profiling of neuronal subtypes in fatal familial insomnia model mice reveals TOR signaling in somatostatin neurons
Life Science Alliance DOI                                                                                                               


Lech Kaczmarczyk, Melvin Schleif, Lars Dittrich et al.,
Distinct translatome changes in specific neural populations precede electroencephalographic changes in prion-infected mice
PLoS Pathogens DOI                                                                                                               


Kaczmarczyk L, Reichenbach N, Blank N, Jonson M, Dittrich L, Petzold G, Jackson WS
Slc1a3-2A-CreERT2 mice reveal unique features of Bergmann glia and augment a growing collection of Cre drivers and effectors in the 129S4 genetic background
Scientific Reports DOI                                                                                                               


Poll S, Mittag M, Musacchio F, Justus LC, Giovannetti EA, Steffen J, Wagner J, Zohren L, Schoch S, Schmidt B, Jackson WS, Ehninger D, Fuhrmann M
Memory trace interference impairs recall in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
Nature Neuroscience DOI                                                                                                               


Kaczmarczyk L, Bansal V, Rajput A, Rahman RU, Krzyżak W, Degen J, Poll S, Fuhrmann M, Bonn S, Jackson WS
Tagger - A Swiss army knife for multiomics to dissect cell type-specific mechanisms of gene expression in mice
PLoS Biology DOI                                                                                                               
Rakers C, Schleif M, Blank N, Matušková H, Ulas T, Händler K, Torres SV, Schumacher T, Tai K, Schultze JL, Jackson WS, Petzold GC
Stroke target identification guided by astrocyte transcriptome analysis.
Glia DOI                                                                                                               


Linsenmeier L, Mohammadi B, Wetzel S, Puig B, Jackson WS, Hartmann A, Uchiyama K, Sakaguchi S, Endres K, Tatzelt J, Saftig P, Glatzel M, Altmeppen HC
Structural and mechanistic aspects influencing the ADAM10-mediated shedding of the prion protein.
Molecular Neurodegeneration DOI                                                                                                               


Dittrich L, Petese A, Jackson WS
The natural Disc1-deletion present in several inbred mouse strains does not affect sleep
Scientific Reports DOI                                                                                                               

Thackray AM, Cardova A, Wolf H, Pradl L, Vorberg I, Jackson WS, Bujdoso R
Genetic human prion disease modelled in PrP transgenic Drosophila
Biochemical Journal DOI                                                                                                               


Kaczmarczyk L, Mende Y, Zevnik B, Jackson WS
Manipulating the Prion Protein Gene Sequence and Expression Levels with CRISPR/Cas9
PLoS ONE DOI                                                                                                               


Kaczmarczyk L, Jackson WS
Astonishing advances in mouse genetic tools for biomedical research
Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift DOI                                                                                             

Bujdoso R, Landgraf M, Jackson WS, Thackray AM.
Prion-induced neurotoxicity: Possible role for cell cycle activity and DNA damage response
World Journal of Virology DOI                                                                                                               


Jackson WS, Krost C
Peculiarities of prion diseases
PLoS Pathogens DOI                                                                                                               

Jackson WS, Krost C, Borkowski AW, Kaczmarczyk L.
Translation of the Prion Protein mRNA Is Robust in Astrocytes but Does Not Amplify during Reactive Astrocytosis in the Mouse Brain
PLoS ONE DOI                                                                                                               

Jackson WS
Selective vulnerability to neurodegenerative disease: the curious case of Prion Protein
Disease Models & Mechanisms DOI                                                                                                               


Jackson WS, Borkowski AW, Watson NE, King OD, Faas H, Jasanoff A, Lindquist S
Profoundly different prion diseases in knock-in mice carrying single PrP codon substitutions associated with human diseases
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America DOI               :


Jackson WS, Borkowski AW, Faas H, Steele AD, King OD, Watson N, Jasanoff A, Lindquist S
Spontaneous generation of prion infectivity in fatal familial insomnia knockin mice
Neuron DOI                                                                                                               

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